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Add CSV import functionality to your app in minutes

Give users an easy and powerful data import experience

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The simple way to implement CSV import

In-house solutions often suffer from filesize limitations or processing timeouts, which can frustrate users and use up expensive support time.

Powerful CSV import plugin

Drop our Importer javascript into your app and your users will experience an easy and powerful data import process.

Supports CSV and all Excel formats

Let users upload data in the format that's most convenient for them, including files from legacy Excel versions.

Validation rule library

Choose from a library of common validation rules including email, phone, currency and number formats.

Receive import data as a JSON webhook

Imported data is sent as JSON to your backend by secure webhook. Alternatively, access uploaded data anytime using the REST API.

Secure and compliant

We adhere to high security standards so your data is safe and compliant with privacy regulations.

Handle large import files

Designed to handle huge data uploads with ease. Say goodbye to arbitrary upload limits.

Powerful drop-in CSV importer

Embed the Importer into your frontend with a single line of code and hook it up to your "Import Data" button.

Give your users the best CSV import experience

Replace your data import process with a well designed and intuitive experience. We've researched common challenges people face, and designed a process that holds their hand every step of the way.

Users can fix validation issues seamlessly

Format validation happens before data is imported to your app. Our in-browser spreadsheet editor means users can fix validation errors immediately, without having to go back into Excel.

Fuzzy column matching with AIComing Soon

Input and destination columns are auto-matched using on fuzzy text AI. This reduces the tedious tasks your users have to do.

Support for popular frontend frameworks


Easily define import schemas

Define import columns for every import data type your app has.

Create columns to match the required import format

Define columns which match the import data format your backend expects.

Set columns as required

Ensure users always import the required columns. Additional columns can be optional.

Include example data for columns

An example.csv for users will be automatically generated using the example data.

Validation rules library included

All plans include our library of robust validation rules.

Configure column validation rules

Our included validation library includes robust rules for common column types like email, dates and URLs. Create custom validations using regex.

Custom validation rulesComing Soon

Use regex to define custom validation rules.